Games Room

A luxury home would not be complete without a games room, and Eeyores escape has a great one!

The main attraction has to be the high quality 8′ slate bed pool table, finished of course with a teflon coated purple covering (what other colour could we pick!). Four different cue weights are provided to ensure a perfect game.

Games Room Photographs

Add a 7ft twin fan air hockey table and foosball table and the games room starts to take shape.

The games room is also home to our library of over 220 books with titles for infants, kids and adults. Huge ‘bus shelter’ posters and a low fatigue cushion floor and a Sony music system complete the gamesroom, keeping the area fun for everyone!

Playstation & Nintendo Wii

We have now moved the Playstation upstairs to the ‘Eeyore’ bedroom and the Wii into the family room as we find this a better arrangement, separating the ‘physical’ and electronic games.

The adults can have a game of pool while the kids are entertained elsewhere (or vic versa!).