Family Room

The large family room has two huge sectional sofas and a separate reclining chair to provide enough seating for everyone (a feature often overlooked in larger homes!).

There is a large internet enabled HD cable television, Nintendo Wii, Blu-ray DVD player and digital surround sound in the family room to keep everyone entertained.

All the electrical equipment in the villa has been selected for ease of use, we wanted to avoid the requirement for 5 remote controls just to watch TV! In addition to the standard channels, our TV package also includes HBO (Home Box Office) movies and the Disney channels.

The sectional sofas were chosen to allow enough room for everyone to comfortably have a seat, or if you prefer for just a few to lounge around! The large 60″ ceiling fan helps move air around the room, complementing the smart ‘nest’ controlled air conditioning system.

The lion in the above photo was kindly left by a previous guest at the villa and was often found enjoying the recliner chair on our last visit.

Unlike us however, the lion managed to keep his eyes open when sat in the chair, a task we found almost impossible at times after a full day in the parks, or playing golf!

Family room air conditioning that you control

The ground floor ‘Nest’ air conditioning control is located in the family room and sets the temperature for the lower floor.

The air conditioning will be set on your arrival to the recommended settings, but if you find it a little cool (or warm) you can adjust the settings easily and the Nest system will learn your own preferences.