The Weather in Orlando

The weather in Orlando is usually pretty reliable, and warm.

The following table shows the historic minimum and maximum temperatures, and the rainfall on a month by month basis so you can get an idea of how the weather pattern varies throughout the year.

minimum maximum rainfall
January 10.3 °c 50.7 °f 22 °c 71.6 °f 2.33
February 10 °c 50.0 °f 22.1 °c 71.8 °f 4.00
March 13 °c 55.5 °f 25.2 °c 77.5 °f 3.24
April 16.2 61.3 °f 28.8 °c 84.0 °f 1.30
May 19.3 °c 66.9 °f 31.3 °c 88.4 °f 6.10
June 22 °c 71.7 °f 32.5 °c 90.5 °f 7.53
July 23 °c 73.5 °f 33.3 °c 92.1 °f 7.15
August 23 °c 73.5 °f 33 °c 91.4 °f 7.07
September 22.6 °c 72.7 °f 31.8 °c 89.3 °f 6.27
October 19.2 °c 66.6 °f 28.9 °c 84.1 °f 2.86
November 13.8 °c 56.9 °f 25 °c 77.0 °f 1.65
December 11 °c 51.8 °f 22.7 °c 72.9 °f 2.01

Most visitors find April. May and October the perfect months to visit as the temperatures remain high, but the rainfall is usually much lower.

Earlier and later tend to be a little cooler and you may need the pool heat, but it is perfect for golfers and many golf courses actually increase their rates through the winter and get booked up, so look at booking a round in advance if you plan to visit and play in the winter. If golf isn’t your thing, just remember even though its a little cooler, it is probably still a lot warmer than at home and everything else tends to be cheaper so you can get a bargain at this time of the year!

A lot of people choose the middle of summer to visit when it is hot and humid (due to the rainfall), probably because the kids are off school. If this applies to you, we recommend you select a spacious villa with quality air conditioning and a large pool so you have room to relax and cool down after a day at the parks (our villa is ideal!). At this time of the year villas do get booked up quite early, so plan in advance.

If the villa you like is not available, try contacting the owner anyway as they may know of another villa nearby that could suit your requirements.