Rental Rates

The rental rates shown below are ‘per week’ for rental of the Eeyores Escape villa.

Period Weekly rate including taxes
US Rental Rates UK Rental Rates Canadian Rental Rates European Union Rental Rates
Low Season Jan, Feb, Sept & Dec  $1,295  £995  $1,695  €1,295
Mid Season Mar, May, June & Nov  $1,495  £1,095  $1,995  €1,495
High Season Apr, July, Aug & Oct  $1,695  £1,295  $2,195  €1,695
Christmas, New Year and Easter  $1,995  £1,495  $2,695  €1,995

The weekly rates shown above include:

  • Use of ‘Eeyores Escape’ luxury vacation home and all facilities, pool, spa, cable tv, games room & infant equipment.
  • Use of all additional facilities at the Bellavida Resort.
  • Wireless internet access and free telephone calls.
  • All utilities (electric, gas & water).
  • All sales and tourist taxes.

Booking the Villa

To make a reservation, contact us to check availability and confirm the rate for your stay.

A deposit will be required to confirm your booking, the amount of the deposit will be confirmed on your free quotation. The remaining balance is payable 10 weeks prior to your arrival.

Pool & Spa Heat

During the winter months you may want to heat the pool at the villa.

We have a highly efficient 400,000btu pool heater which will heat the pool & spa even if the outside temperature drops very low.

If you would like pool heat there is an additional charge of $ 28 USD per day to cover the additional fuel costs during the winter. Please let us know if you would like pool heat so we can include it in your quotation.

Rates with no hidden extras

There are absolutely no hidden extras when you book Eeyores Escape, the price shown includes all taxes, cleaning and service fees.

The only option is pool heat during the winter months if you feel you want it.

Rates for more or less than one week?

If your stay is for a non-weekly period (for example 10 days), the rate will be worked out on a pro-rata basis, please contact us for a free quote.

Sales Tax

Prices on this site include Florida 13% sales tax. When comparing rates please ensure you include Florida sales tax as this is a legal requirement but many properties and/or rental websites quote rates that do not include tax.