Guestbook entries, reviews & testimonials

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so rather than simply type extracts from our guestbook into this page we have scanned the entire book into the computer and then put those images directly onto the website!

Each of the pages can be enlarged by simply clicking on the picture.

How often do we update this page?

We tend to scan the images from our guestbook whenever we are at the villa ourselves for longer periods using the scanner in the villa, then upload them when we return to the uk.

Sometimes we forget however, so if there are no recent updates please feel free to contact us as we may have scanned them, but forgotton to upload them when we return home!

How many guestbook pages?

Over ninety (90) pages of comments have been left in our Bellavida guestbook, and we are proud that they are all great!

In fact, the first book is now almost full so we have put a new book into the villa.

One of the nicest things we as owners get to do when arriving at the home is look through the book to read the comments and feedback. Its important for us to see if the hard work we, and our management company put in to ensure the the villa is maintained ‘as new’ is working.

The first book tells a great story with lots of guests enjoying a great valaction in Orlando and we look forward reading the comments in the new book when we return.

Adult & kids entries

You may notice when you flick through the book are the comments from both adults and children.

We hope the second book is treated the same way as we love to see the kids comments as well those from the adults!